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Why Do I Need Website Maintenance?

WordPress website maintenance keeps your website running smoothly, fixes errors, from updating systems to adding features and protecting it from unwanted visitors such as hackers. It’s a bit like when you buy a new car you want to look after it.  So you book it in for a service or change the oil, check the water levels and tyre pressures because if you don’t it will eventually break down and cost more to fix.  The same is true with a website.

You also need to add fresh content for two reasons, one Google doesn’t like a stale website it loves new relevant information.  The other reason is it’s great for SEO purposes as you can tailor each new page or post on a specific topic. 

Websites that are built on a WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform need to be constantly updated to ensure they run smoothly.  WordPress regularly makes updates to its core CMS system. As such plugin developers have to update their functionality to ensure they reflect the WordPress changes.  The same goes for the theme designs as they too need to be updated to reflect the WordPress core and plugin updates.

It really is important that your site is kept up-to-date, mainly for security reasons for the more out of date it becomes the more easily it is to hack. Ultimately if your site is hacked, Google can remove it from the search results.  Therefore, keeping your website up-to-date will give a better user experience for your visitor plus you keep Google happy. In addition, updating with our WordPress maintenance service keeps your website bug-free and adds features.

We take the hassle and worry about your website away from you, so you can get on with the important things, like running your business.

Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.

Paul Cookson

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